Thoughts at the Victoria Peak

Climbed the Victoria Peak yesterday.

HK the bird eye view in my imagination should be gorgeous with all the light shows and skyscrapers, but some how it looked different. From the mountain I saw those tall and slim buildings standing in hustle, with hundreds of thousands of tiny windows woven into a dense net by the lights–a city deeply, deeply rooted in the land below. Till now I cannot say it is a resident-friendly city. Roads here are cramped, space here is tightly squeezed. But it is this city that was entitled the Asian four tigers, and still proudly an international financial centre.

The volunteer guide showed me the Lion Rock far away, which is, according to him, a symbol of HK spirit. The spirit of endurance and diligence, as it goes in the song “Below the Lion Rock “We all gathered at the foot of the Lion Rock…Of one mind in pursuit of our dream; All discord set aside”.The view from the Victoria Peak echoed with the lyrics. There must be something underneath the city, which raises it up and brings it to what it is today. I am yet to find that “something”.





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