Farewell to Typhoon Ying


School officially starts today, but yesterday I felt we had an “unofficial inauguration”.
It was a farewell event to the JMSC’s founder, Ms.Ying Chan, a legendary figure.

According to the host, Ying insisted not being mentioned so frequently since it was supposed to be a celebration of journalism. But how could it be not mentioning her? It is because of her the Center came into being, and so we all can gather here in HKU today. With no previous direct communication, the event¬†was my first chance to get close to her. By the address from her colleagues, she is a resolute and powerful woman, with a nickname Typhoon Ying;by the documentary dedicated to her, she seems to devoted most of her career life appealing for more civic rights.”I was born in colonial Hong Kong…the spark (of citizen mindset)might came from my first day in school when the teacher said we need to come back the next day with an English name,”she recalled the cause of her career in a quite light way; by a short interview of her, she clearly holds the virtue of being modest and simple. When asked about suggestions to the young generation, she made it without any fancy decoration–do exercise, keep healthy,be a good person and everything else will fall into place.

The song picked for Ying’s documentary yesterday was Imagine by John Lennon. Gentle but forcefully to the heart.

Just like her.


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