Witnessing 2016 HK LegCo election

With the complete newly-elected member list coming out, the dust of the 2016 HK LegCo election seem to settle temporarily.

Observing from a closer geographic position, I would write down my notes of 4 Ps.

The first P is for post-umbrella movement. Being the first election following the 2014 social movements like Occupy Central, in which the young generation of Hong Kong appealed for a greater say on local affairs, it witnesses the rise of a more steadfast Local voice, and more watchful government regulations at the same time.

The second P is for promotion. From eye glasses to clothes, from posters to poses, the candidates spared no efforts in promoting themselves. Although the bold, highlighted words on the leaflets may seen nothing but bold and highlighted in some cases, they did catch the eyes passing by.

The next P is for participation. According to local media, the Sept.4 election saw a record high turnout rate of about 58%, thanks to the active participation of young first-time voters. A commentator views the calling for HK independence as a false proposition, under which lie the frustration and disappointment with current society. Be it an expression of serious concern or directed dissatisfaction, participation can hopefully leads to more discussion and understanding.

And the last P is for positive. Today’s result is a positive one to some (not to some others accordingly), they see it as the beginning of something more interesting. After the loud prelude, a cooler and more pragmatic play is anticipated.

Promotion activities reached peak on the election day
Calling for voting is everywhere.
Citizens are lining up for the last minute vote.

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