Work Portfolio

Just Keep Swimming

I challenged my stamina to learn swimming in a Cantonese speaking course. And that’s how I felt.

How Do I Love Thee

When China is celebrating the 67th National Day, I come back to my old puzzle of how should I love my country.

Drenched in the Search for Oneself

This is my first try in writing a theatre review.

The House

The tearing down of deceased architects in 2012 led me to think about the preservation of tradition and history in the face of fast modernisation.

A Trip to Tangshan City

In 2012 I had a visit to Tangshan City, a city nearly devastated in the 1976 earthquake. As time went by, the city regained its vitality. The tale of life and death there inspired me deeply.

Business in Between

As Beijing police embarked upon a 100-day crackdown on foreigners who do not have a legitimate visa in May 2012, an action viewed by some foreign residents as obnoxious, I interviewed Dominic, a British business man living in Beijing. In the interview he shared with me his reflection on running business in China and his affection towards Beijing City as foreigner.

Street Vendors Run

In this long feature written in 2013, I tried to dig into the reasons behind the Tom and Jerry relationship between street vendors and Chengguan, the urban administration officers.